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About enSprout

enSprout [en-sprout, American]


To be in the process of springing up; to be actively aware of your relationship with nature.


What We Do

enSprout provides learning experiences for families through nature and agriculture.  In short, our goal is to:


Cultivate the Earth

Educate Her Citizens

Elevate our Community

Our Values

enSprout sees value in hands-on learning experiences that promote environmentally-conscious living and community involvement.  Facilitating the design and installation of gardens in local parks are among enSprout's first projects to demonstrate the importance of a healthy relationship between the Earth's citizens and the land.  Read more about our current initiatives:

Sustainable living and wellness through food is for everyone, not just "tree huggers".  enSprout creates educational experiences and volunteer opportunities that welcome everyone; we all must play a part in caring for Mother Earth and the living organisms that depend on Her.  


Meet The Team

enSprout- Joi headshot 2022.png

Joi Howard

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Co-Founder - enSprout

Operations Partner

enSprout- Littany headshot 2022.png

Littany Hollerbach

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Co-founder - enSprout

Creative Partner


Susan Fugate

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Horticultural Consultant

Grow Team

Local food and environmental stewardship is our jam, and we know our stuff!  Our team is highly skilled in biological sciences, horticulture, botany, education, visual design, events, project management, and digital marketing.  We want to share our know-how, experience and enthusiasm to bring an informative, fun, and impactful educational experience to you!  We are a multicultural team committed to shared values centered around (bio)diversity, inclusivity, and community-building.

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