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enSprout cultivates learning experiences in nature that grow environmentally conscious humans. Our projects aim to 'Cultivate the Earth. Educate Her citizens. Elevate the community.’  

Our team is partnering with other organizations to plan hands on, educational programming for existing and new green spaces in 2022. Check back soon for more information! 

Pollinator Paradise at Swann Park in Crofton

Swann Park is situated on the edge of a wooded area in Crofton, Maryland.  It consists of play structures, park benches and an area with picnic tables, checkers and backgammon tables. 


Park visitors can enjoy views of the garden from nearly any location at the park. The 100 sq ft (approx.) garden is situated along walking path used to enter and exit the park. The garden was designed using a range of plants native to our Mid-Atlantic region in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the feeding preferences of a variety of pollinators - the combination of plants selected will ensure blooms all throughout growing season!


Planned programming will teach visitors the importance of pollinators to our food system including their basic needs host plants, water, nesting materials, overwintering sites and a place to rear their young.  

Garden Design by enSprout in consultation with the Crofton Village Garden Club. 

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